Raleigh Children's Birthday Party

Turn Key & Hassle Free!

Wouldn't you like to see the best family-friendly
comedy magic of the Mid-South?

Here is the secret:
Let this full-time Entertainment Professional provide the entertainment while you sit back and enjoy the party with your family and friends!

You are not too late to avoid the stress and hassle of entertaining a boat-load of kids and their parents . . . and aren't you busy enough?

It couldn’t be simpler. . . his goal is to totally remove the stress from your day and make this birthday party not only the most fun and fantastic ever (yes, EVER!), and with your cooperation, make a cherished memory that will be yours as your child grows!

It’s simple-- you choose an easy, affordable, birthday party to share with your family’s friends

Magician in the Raleigh/Cary/Durham/Fayetteville areas.

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You have discovered something wonderful for your birthday child’s party, something extra-special!
Be a HERO for your guests and children!

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Pirate Captian Kid's Birthday Parties
What Makes Captain Kid Unique
Among Entertainers?

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They call him “Captain Kid” for a reason . . . over the DECADES of being a full-time professional children’s entertainer and magician, he has discovered what kids and parents want, and provides a “barn-burner” of a party-- a true PROVEN value, with more laughter crammed into an hour than you can find ANYWHERE! Take lots of pictures and video so you can remember your child’s giddy face - they grow up so fast!

Like you, he is actually a parent! - Most children’s “entertainers” do not have nearly this much experience.

You are provided with astonishment, excitement, giggles, roaring laughter, and sheer delight packaged in a fun-loving, family-friendly, hilarious comedy magic show!

He Parties for a Living!

Your children will LOVE the show, and thank you for it (I promise!). The guest children will thank your child for inviting them, increasing your child's popularity (I promise!). Attending parents will love your party too, and ask you where you found "Captain Kid". . . Some parents will probably tell you it was the best children's party they have ever attended (It happens all of the time!).

Jax The Party Parrot

To Reserve,
, Call or Text: 919-355-8367

Kids Birthday

Imagine 20 rambunctious kids dropped off in your home . . .
I guarantee that all of them will give you a standing ovation and huge “THANK YOU” for throwing such a GREAT party!

Let’s get down to the brass tacks-- let me put my money where my mouth is! You may find this astonishing, but at the end of the show if you don’t find this unique birthday party the most exciting, laughter-crammed event that you and your friends have seen at ANY children’s party ANYWHERE (by any OTHER entertainer ), you can have the party for free, AND he'll give you an additional $100, period. The best seen anywhere! How rock-solid a guarantee is that?


Do you want your party packed with laughing, happy children? Of course you do! Call immediately to check for availability. If you wait, your spot could be taken. He will provide you with the phone numbers of other entertainers if your spot is taken . . . but he just can’t guarantee their performance. So don’t lose your time slot . . .

Email, Call or Text: 919-355-8367

Birthday Parrot Guy Magician

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Email or call ASAP so you can sit back, relax, and have fun with your family and friends with no worries, only smiles! Your children grow up too fast to do anything else!

OK, you have not booked yet because you have concerns the kids will get too excited and out of control. No worries. With the literally THOUSANDS of shows (closing in on 5,000!) Captain Kid has developed the crowd-control skills to bring the kids up to the point of chaos, but they NEVER cross the line. Your show will end with the kids in line, happily and calmly marching to your next event (usually the birthday cake, then their parents pick them up!).

With nearly 5,000 shows of experience spread over 25 years,
how can you not email, Call or Text: 919-355-8367 him?

Most magicians and clowns advertise that they will make the birthday child the “star” of the show. In your show, that is a GIVEN. Not only will your child be shown the attention he or she wants, but every child will get an opportunity to be an assistant. Your show will be EXTREMELY interactive at every moment - NOBODY who wants to participate is left out. More importantly, those kids who just want to sit back and watch will not be forced to interact, as seen in many other shows.

I can’t think of a single reason for you not to book today! But, since you still haven’t contacted Captain Kid, I assume there is a reason. Call him and discuss it. He keeps part of his schedule open for low-income families because he has been blessed with success. Let him make your child’s birthday party extra-special-- He can reduce my fee if you fit the criteria.

Reserve your spot now!

email Birthday Party Idea Magician