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Short, fat, and bald – but incredibly handsome!
Don’t worry, I party for a living

Hello, I’m Raleigh magician Kerry “KC” Cameron, or “Captain Kid”. I am NOT the area’s busiest magician. I was for 30 years, but now I am semi-retired and really don’t want to do more than a couple magic shows shows a day with my parrot Jax. I love performing for kids and families and would do it for free if I could. Sometimes I do – ask.

Most of my shows are for the 3-10 y/o crowd, but I also am the only magician in the area, that I know about, that does teen (and adult) magic shows. Teens can be rough, but they love my shows and I love performing magic for them.

My parents could never afford a magician. I charge the standard rate of $250 and I’m worth every penny. . . BUT if you can’t afford me, still give me a call and I am sure we can work something out. (By the way, does any other magician post his prices?) 

– See the 110 VIDEO reviews I have. Warning: It loads SLOW since there are so many reviews!  For a good number of years I have stopped taking magician video reviews because I have so many now.

I am also the ONLY Raleigh magician I know, that posts full routines, with the whole show online, so there are no surprises. The few Raleigh magicians (or magicians anywhere) that show a a couple videos are worth comparing with mine. Please.

Compare the magician’s websites in the area, don’t just look at mine.  Really.  I am confident you will love my show. I know you are looking for a responsible children’s entertainer that will make your child’s party magical and minimize your stress.


    • Well, seeing one live or on video is the best way to judge the Raleigh magician.
    • Last is the “stars” given to them by Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, or others. It is sad to say, but it is easy to purchased “5 Star Reviews” by Googling “purchase positive reviewsas well as giving fake negative reviews to your competition and positive ones to yourself. Yes, I have had a competitor leave negative reviews of my show under pseudonyms / alias’.

You likely can’t see me live, so I have videos of whole routines – not snippets. I have over 110 video reviews you can see/hear on my website  Compare mine with the others.

 I, Captain Kid – Raleigh Magician, guarantee that they will give you a standing ovation and huge “THANK YOU” for throwing such a GREAT party!  Guaranteed.

In 30+ years of professional experience as a Raleigh magician, I have NEVER had any household item break, and if you follow my directions, you will not have spills or food ground into your carpet!

If your child loves the attention, they will get it; if they are shy, I won’t push them.

Professional TV Comics TRY to get 7 reactions a minute. I get 7+ a minute, higher than any magician in Raleigh – and it shows. I have been honing my act for over 30 years, and, as you can see above and here, the kids go crazy over it!