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Magician’s Performance Videos

Seeing a Children’s magician perform is the best way to judge his quality. Next to that are performance videos, third is magician video reviews, forth is written reviews.

Most magician’s performance videos

Most magician’s performance videos contain the highlights of a number of shows with lots of editing because they don’t want you to see the dead spots. No so with Magician Captain Kid, because his is videos are of whole routines. You can see the kids reactions to him.

Rating a magician’s performance video

When rating a magicians’s performance video, beware of colorful graphics and effects, and also take notice of the quality of the videographer. Many a magician hides behind a videographer’s edits and they are easy to find. I’ve had videographers tell me they can make anyone a star in a magician’s performance video, and they do!.

Look at how the kids respond to the Raleigh magician -remember this is for kids, not adults! Does the show have texture? Are there any dead spots (only available when a magician publishes a whole routine)?How are the edits? Does the magician have whole audience participation? These are the questions you and your spouse should ask yourself when viewing a birthday magician’s performance reviews.

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Captain Kid performs his Children’s Magic shows in Raleigh NC, Durham NC, Cary NC, Wake Forest NC, Clayton NC, Garner NC, Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville NC and will travel to other locations!

8019 Atamasco Circle, Raleigh, NC 27616

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