Why is this quality magician better than other magicians in Raleigh?  Because . . .

Raleigh Magician
The best of the magicians in Raleigh

Of all the magicians in Raleigh, hire the best -KC Cameron (Captain Kid)

KC has been doing comedy magic professionally for kids for over 30 years. He also has experience in theater, movies and as a stand-up comic. 30 years of experience is important, but more importantly, how good were the years?  Amazing Captain Kid has been a full-time magician doing spectacular birthday parties through those 30 years!

KC has incredible stage presence!

Most magicians love tricks and skimp on the delivery so their stage presence suffers, hence the show suffers. Scripted like a theater, KC’s magic show allows him to have more latitude of going “off script”. Due to this KC does not get flustered when the show is interrupted- which can happen a lot! This allows the show to flow instead of going jerkily from one trick to another.

Personality-driven amazing quality magic

Personality driven magic is KC’s magic, hence not a “let me show you a trick, and here is another trick, and another . . . ” type. Purpose and texture are important, consequently, it makes it like a Harry Potter® and a Disney® experience, furthermore, his act is at a national level, but here in Raleigh!

Other magicians in Raleigh

Magicians in Raleigh often buy a trick and perform it the next day, therefore poorly. Many other magicians rely upon magic boxes and tubes, however you will not see that in this Raleigh magician’s show. KC’s show is entirely “organic magic” furthermore, it is well thought-out and practiced. Hire this Magician in Raleigh!

KC’s innovative “organic magic”

First, magic that uses ordinary objects as props, and more importantly, with no weird boxes and tubes, is called “organic magic”. Organic magic is relatable, enjoyable, and is much more impactful to kids and adults.

Comedy at it’s best, because . . .

His comedy is fast-paced with peaks and valleys giving it an exciting texture. KC’s show is not a “sit down and be bored show”, and it is also not a “race to see how many tricks can be done”, which can also be very boring.

Magic that is comedic

There are no well-worn one-liners and tired routines.  KC’s Comedy is situational comedy with a little slapstick, therefore compares to a good, clean stand-up comedy show.

Most comedians vs. most magicians

Most professional comedians (as opposed to magicians who tend to be boring) strive to have 7 reactions from their audience for every minute of performance, and few achieve it. Due to magician KC’s experience, his show comes out a little higher than 7 reactions per minute, and no other magicians in Raleigh can say that!

The amazing birthday party parrot – gentle giant Jax

Gentle giant parrot Jax is often seen as the biggest part of the birthday party show. Kids (and adults!) love having their photos taken with Jax. Parrot Jax adores the limelight of participating in the birthday magic show, and she will do whatever it takes to make people “ooh and ahh” over her!

Most of all, KC loves kids, and kids love his birthday party magic show

It is KC’s pleasure to perform his comedy magic show for kids. A shocking number of magicians who do birthday party magic are not fond of children They view kids’s parties as a way to pay their bills. HIs love and respect for children shines through.

Captain Kid performs his Children’s Magic shows in Raleigh NC, Durham NC, Cary NC, Wake Forest NC, Clayton NC, Garner NC, Chapel Hill, and Fayetteville NC and will travel to other locations!

8019 Atamasco Circle, Raleigh, NC 27616

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